2008 New York Giants Preliminary Report

In 2008, the New York Giants will defend their Super Bowl title as they try to improve on their 2007 10-6 record. An average record and still a Super Bowl victory? What a time of lower expectations. However, who can blame the giants? 2007 was supposed to be the year of the undefeated Patriots, as they entered the Super Bowl field with a score of 18-0. The Giants defeated the Patriots in one of the biggest upsets in professional soccer history. As the 2008 season approaches, you could say that the Giants don’t have much to accomplish, but they still have a lot to gain. They could win this season and show that last year’s victory was no fluke, or they could take the season off, happy to have stolen their greatest achievement from the Patriots.

Don’t count on the Giants getting complacent though, as they’ve played consistently for the past three seasons reaching the playoffs every year. In any case, much of the New York Giants’ success in 2008 will be determined by the draft. For their 84th season, the New York Giants, still led by head coach Tom Coughlin, selected seven athletes they deemed the best draft picks available. Did NFL fans and experts agree?

The first pick in the draft was safety Kenny Phillips of the University of Miami. He was followed by cornerback Terrell Thomas of the University of Southern California, wide receiver Mario Manningham of the University of Michigan and linebacker Bryan Kehl of Brigham Young University. Finishing the standard draft picks were linebacker Jonathan Goff of Vanderbilt University and quarterback Andre ‘Woodson of the University of Kentucky. Defensive end Robert Henderson of the University of South Mississippi was selected after the Giants traded running back Ryan Grant to the Green Bay Packers in exchange for an extra sixth-round pick. They would have had another draft pick, but decided to trade it to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for kicker Lawrence Tynes.

Going into the draft, the Giants’ greatest need was in the secondary area, which is why most experts agree that Phillips and Thomas were the ideal first-round draft picks. Phillips is believed to be ready for a starting position, while Thomas has a promising opportunity at some point in the future. Manningham has been the subject of controversy both on and off the field. While he has a very unique “Super Mario” acrobatic ability, he has been enduring some scrutiny regarding his drug use. He is the type of player who could sink or rise very quickly, in terms of success with the Giants. Kehl and Goff were seen as solid picks, while Woodson and Henderson were seen by some as a bit picky. Some fans wonder why the Giants didn’t try to draft an offensive lineman candidate throughout the draft. So as long as the inner line remains healthy and undamaged for the remainder of the season, it may not be a problem.

Overall, the Giants’ draft reception was positive as their most crucial needs were addressed. The Giants may not have finished stealing Super Bowls yet.

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