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Top Live Wedding Bands

Live Wedding Bands The Walks are one of the best live wedding bands in Cape Town. Performing all kinds of hits from The Beatles to Bruno Mars and The Weeknd, they have filled dance floors all over the UK. Their sound is backed by excellent lighting, PA, and musical equipment, all of which come with […]

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Classical Piano Lessons Singapore Guide

Classical Piano Lessons Singapore If you’ve never taken classical piano lessons, you’re in for a treat. The city’s music schools tend to be exam-oriented, making them the best choice for students who want to learn the piano. In contrast, classical music classes are more flexible, allowing students to attend lessons at their own time and […]


Manfrotto 7302YB Tripod Review

The Manfrotto 7302YB is a very light and compact DSLR tripod. Those of you among us who like nature photography will know how much trouble a heavy tripod can cause us, because of this, most of us will leave the tripod at home next time. The Manfrotto 7302YB combats this problem by being lightweight and […]


The stars shine at night!

Stars are known to lead a different lifestyle compared to the common man, and our Bollywood stars are no different. Lately we have been inundated with the claims of few stars that they go to bed very late, almost in the morning. So we continue to dig a little deeper into these late birds and […]


Antifreeze – Vehicle Maintenance Tip

The coolant used in today’s modern engines generally contains a combination of water and antifreeze. As the name implies, antifreeze helps prevent water from freezing in a vehicle’s cooling system. Cars in colder climates are often exposed to the elements of temperatures well below the freezing point of water (32 degrees Fahrenheit), so the purpose […]


Mastitis: early detection

You have woken up and all of a sudden it looks like you have a red, sore patch on one breast. You’ve heard so many mastitis horror stories that you panic and wonder, do I have mastitis? Your breast pain may be due to a blocked duct, which, if treated quickly, could prevent an outbreak […]