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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Dharamsala – A Perfect Destination for Budding Yoga Trainers

Budding Yoga Trainers

A renowned yoga institution in India, Dharamsala is famous for teaching its thousands of students the art of meditating. It also offers intensive classes such as the Ashtanga and Vinyasa that are extremely popular amongst the masses. This is the reason that the numbers of people getting enrolled for this training have been increasing every year. However, not all people are satisfied with this class and hence they look out for other options that offer the same quality as well as the authenticity that this class offers. The main aim of this 300 hour yoga teacher training at Dharamsala is to prepare the candidates for the post of a qualified yoga teacher in addition to help them enhance their knowledge about the various aspects of this particular form of yoga practice.

300 hour yoga teacher training

During the course of this course, the candidates will be taught different subjects including anatomy and physiology, ayurveda, asanas and pranayama. They will also be taught different aspects of meditation like yoga philosophy and yoga science. These skills make it easy for a qualified yoga teacher to handle the basic meditation poses and help students to enhance their abilities. The 300 hour yoga teacher training program is designed to help people understand and integrate meditation and spiritual concepts into their daily lives.

Besides this, through the course, a candidate will also get the opportunity to improve their knowledge regarding meditation and spiritual concepts. As a yoga training teacher, it is your responsibility to impart knowledge regarding these subjects to your trainee students. If you are unable to impart the right knowledge regarding these subjects then there is a great chance of your trainees converting to some other form of meditation which might be very harmful for their health. Hence, it is important that you get sufficient knowledge regarding the importance of meditation and how to make the students understand the same in a simple but effective manner.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Dharamsala – A Perfect Destination for Budding Yoga Trainers

In order to make sure that your students understand the importance of meditation and the various types of postures, you need to pass a test which assesses your knowledge regarding the subject. The test is comprised of eight classes which are as follows – chittavrittu, pizichilttan, ashtanga, karma, kriyas, niyamas and samadhi. The first class which is termed as “chittavrittu” is usually taken by beginners and is the foundation for all other classes. This class helps you to gain the necessary knowledge regarding breathing and postures, the two most important aspects of Hatha Yoga. This knowledge regarding breathing helps you to meditate and reach deep state of consciousness. “Pizichilttan” is the next class and provides you with knowledge regarding pranayama – the process of breathing controlled by the diaphragm.

The third and last class is “kriyas”. This is a very powerful spiritual discipline and performs miraculous miracles in the physical body. If you want to become a perfect practitioner of Hatha Yoga then you need to take “kshikara” which is the final training program and helps you to fully understand the importance of pranayama and niyama. “Niyamas” means “enchanted practices” and these help you to meditate and attain inner bliss. If you complete the course successfully you will be able to master the art of Chittavrittu, Pizichilttan and Kriyas.

The ultimate goal of Hatha Yoga teacher training at Dharamsala is to enable you to teach the secrets of Chittavrittu and Niyama. You will be able to open a new dimension in your life and transform it into a state of perfect harmony and peace. You will also be equipped with the knowledge of the science of kriyas and samadhi. There are many benefits of this course but you must be ready for a lot of hard work and intense concentration. Once you complete this course you will have the required experience and strength to start your own yoga practice.

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