Car Insurance for Young Drivers: Two Tips Guaranteed to Save You Money

It’s always frustrating when you’re still a teenager trying to find the cheapest deals on your car insurance. No matter how good a driver you think you are or how carefully you drive on the roads, your biggest sin is that you’re a teenager and that’s it. No matter what happens…insurance companies will always put young drivers in their “highest risk” category and demand much higher premiums.

What is more worrying is what the statistics reveal, it is not surprising why car insurance for young drivers is so expensive. Eighteen-year-old drivers are more likely to be involved in three times as many accidents as fifty-year-old drivers. And as a national average here in the UK, a third (33%) of all road deaths are caused by the recklessness of young drivers under the age of twenty-five.

It doesn’t stop there, young drivers also experience more car thefts, fires, and vandalism, leading to costly claims on their car insurance. But all is not lost, there is a way for sensible young drivers to lower their premiums quite substantially, although it may be a bit dented for the male ego, women are naturally smarter so they pay less on average for their policy for sure.

So how do you get your insurer to lower premiums? ‘Simplzzz’ as the meerkat in the TV commercial would say, swallow your pride and get yourself a cheap small engine used car for now. If you’re a young male teenager, then I understand that he might not exactly fit your idea of ​​a ‘girl magnet’. Young female drivers are always more sensitive and responsible drivers, so I hope you don’t mind if I exclude you from this conversation.

As long as the car is in good mechanical condition, that’s all that matters, a few minor dents here or there will save you more on your purchase initially and you won’t freak out as much if you find another couple of accidental dents down the road. Regarding insurance, choose the cheapest you can get, which will be ‘third party only’ and next is ‘third party fire and theft’

Another way to reduce the cost of car insurance is to take the ‘Pass Plus’ course. This is a training course designed specifically for newly qualified drivers that teaches more advanced driving skills such as night driving, highway driving, driving in congested areas like city centers, etc. Completing the Pass Plus course could save you up to 30% on your car insurance, which is a pretty significant discount.

Car insurance for young drivers does not have to be expensive, of course you will have to make some sacrifices, but if you do you will save money all the way. Choosing a smaller, used engine saves on both insurance costs and road taxes, plus additional savings due to reduced fuel consumption. That should at least make you smile!

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