Carbon Fiber Widebody Kit For BMW M2

Fiber Widebody Kit For BMW M2

The newest iteration of the BMW M2 (G87) has yet to take its debut, but tuners are already working around the clock to pump the German SUV up with an abundance of aftermarket steroids. One of the more aggressive kits that recently surfaced is from Vorsteiner, which adds an imposing GTRS4 Widebody kit to the rear and front of the two-door coupe. The kit increases the rubber width by 3.5-inches on both sides in the back and 2-inches on the front to make for a truly epic SEMA show car build.

Founded in 2007 by designer and automotive enthusiast Kato-san, Liberty Walk is a renowned Japanese aftermarket tuning company that specializes in designing and manufacturing bespoke widebody body kits for high-performance cars. Drawing inspiration from the Bosozoku and American lowrider culture, Liberty Walk has risen to global fame due to its unique fusion of exotic styling and unparalleled craftsmanship. The company’s exceptional widebody kits are manufactured using advanced materials such as Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic and carbon fiber to ensure durability and weight-saving functionality.

While many enthusiasts are still waiting patiently for the new G87 to be introduced, BMW M2 owners have been making their own F87s even more special by adding a plethora of carbon fiber add-ons. The latest project to grace the internet comes from YouTuber Driving Cody, who added a massive set of custom wheels and a carbon fiber body kit from Larte Performance to his bagged Buy BMW full carbon fiber body kits.

Carbon Fiber Widebody Kit For BMW M2

In addition to adding a wider track and more muscular proportions to the vehicle, the full-carbon kit also includes a redesigned front bumper with an aggressive splitter and a wing extension that complements the sporty rear diffuser. The kit can be ordered in a variety of finishes, including glossy black and the color of the owner’s BMW, to match the aesthetics of each individual build.

Each piece is handmade by the team at Larte Design at its full-cycle production facility. Each component is designed to be installed without the need for additional fitting. The LB-WORKS Widebody Kit is available in either robust Carbon Fiber or a mix of Carbon Fiber and FRP to ensure both strength and lightness. All kits are certified by TÜV NORD to meet stringent quality standards.

To further enhance the look of the widebody package, Larte’s engineers designed a new hood that features a transparent section to showcase the inline-six engine underneath. The hood is finished in a pearlescent shade that is inspired by the paint of Ferrari’s 2009 F430 Scuderia.

The versatility of fiberglass extends to the painting process as well. Enthusiasts can choose to paint their body kits to match the factory color of their BMW or opt for a custom paint job that reflects their unique style. The smooth and even surface of fiberglass makes it an ideal canvas for intricate paintwork, enabling BMW owners to create a truly one-of-a-kind appearance for their vehicles.

While fiberglass body kits are often associated with aftermarket modifications, some BMW models even incorporate fiberglass components in their stock designs. Manufacturers recognize the benefits of fiberglass, leveraging its properties to enhance fuel efficiency and overall performance. This integration showcases the adaptability of fiberglass in the automotive industry and reinforces its reputation as a material that aligns with the pursuit of innovation and excellence in engineering.

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