Creative kissing techniques: make it melt with a phenomenal kiss

Do you want to be the guy who can weaken a woman’s knees with just one kiss? If you are looking for some great techniques to improve your kissing techniques, you are in the right place. Take two minutes to read this article and you will learn some sweet skills to put a little POWER in your kisses!

1. The environment

One of the factors that contributes the most to a great kiss is the situation in which you find yourself. Well, actually, it’s the vibe of the situation the two of you are in. It doesn’t really matter where you are, all you need to do is create a sensual vibe right before the kiss.

Here’s a great example: If the two of you are walking somewhere, hold his hand when you walk and stop abruptly. Pull it in the direction it’s in front of you and look it straight in the eye. Most women will look a bit confused since you stopped so abruptly and did this.

After a couple of seconds of solid eye contact (she should be smiling or emitting some kind of positive body language), run your hands over her arms gently and slowly, while closing her at the same time.

Now go get the kiss. Women love spontaneous moments like that where something so loving comes out of nowhere.

2. Kiss from the mall

When the two of you are walking through a store, take his hand and corner in a corner. Tell him to close his eyes. After she closes them, get closer to her so that their faces are almost touching (don’t touch her).

After getting closer, ask “did you feel that?” She should say “yes”. Most people can sense when someone is in their personal space. Tell her to open her eyes, maintain a couple of seconds of eye contact, and kiss her gently.

Another spontaneous kissing technique that women love! This is great for a first or second date once the two of you have built up enough attraction.

Try these guys. Women seem to love these kinds of techniques.

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