Dragon meditation develops a positive mindset

The overall positive benefit of dragon meditation (DM) has been mentioned in a previous article. Read the title of my article: Dragon meditation does not guarantee improvement of your skills. DM cannot improve your skills because skills are the physical ability to do something like your job or job. But, DM can improve your positive mindset as

1]. Leadership mindset. In its essential meaning, the variations of the organization and its objective have a strong relationship with the definition of leadership. I quote an important definition of the opinion of Paul Hersey and Ken Balanchard in the book Management of Organizational Behavior: Utilizing Human Resources: (1) Leadership is the activity of influencing people to voluntarily fight for the group’s goal (2) Leadership is the interpersonal influence exerted in a situation and directed through the communication process towards the achievement of a specialized goal or goals (3) Leadership is the process of influencing the activities of an individual or group in the effort to achieve a goal in a given situation. From this definition of leadership, it follows that the leadership process is a function of the leader, the follower, and other situational variables L = f (l, f, s) (Prentice Hall; 1988). In DM, you can feel yourself before you can feel other people. If you can feel other people, it will be easy to influence them. You can direct these people to achieve the goal of your leadership.

2]. Close your God. Place of God’s stain in your heart, not your brain. In Holly Quran, the brain uses to view the phenomena of God’s creation on earth to prove the existence of God. The same before if you can feel yourself, and then you can also feel your god. As I mentioned in the previous article, in our heart (feel) place the energy of God that never makes us false and always gives the truth for our daily lives. I know that many scientists have shown that place of God in our head because the digital scanner can see his phenomena. However, DM phenomena can also show that god’s place in our heart (feeling). See the following article to discuss this.

3]. Feel the Universe. As I mentioned in the previous article, DM is a process of transforming the energy of the universe into our body and soul. Therefore, the universe is the main source of energy to make our body and soul stronger and better. Many people like “greenpeace” and they love nature. They can do that physically. You can do that with the soul mechanism in DM. Feel the energy of the universe and you can feel yourself and your god.

4]. Feel the future. DM can improve to very high sensitivity so you can feel what will happen in the future. If you can do this, your mindset will be more aware and on guard in every condition. Each feeling of high sensitivity will push everyone to have more confidence, humility, awareness and always learn without fear or worry.

Four basic positive mindsets of dragon mediation can be turned back into another positive mindset. This is very useful to improve your human resources in your organization or your company. God bless you [ ]

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