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Five Dishes You Must Try at Your Local Italian Restaurant

If you ever visit the nearest Italian restaurant to your area, just look for some must-have dishes resulting from exotic cuisine in the chef’s kitchen. These delicacies taken directly from the main course can not only curb your appetite, but also take you on a gastronomic adventure. The advantage of dining at a local Italian food joint is that there is no need to queue at the cash counters after a long drive into the city center. Everything comes to you in one package, and who knows, you may opt for free food delivery within the specified radius. Despite all this, food is the only main topic to talk about.

We are hereby giving the names of Five Dishes You Must Try at Your Local Italian Restaurant that you had to try.

Tortellini on Bordo

It comes stuffed with beef, pork and some Parma ham. However, this dish cannot work well without the broth. You may need to force yourself to stop eating this at some point to make way for other foods in your stomach.

Fregola with Bottarga

This is truly an eye-catcher that can leave you tongue-tied. Bottarga is basically the dried and cured Mediterranean fish roe, while Fregola is a type of pasta that originated in the islands of Sardinia. Fregola is similar to couscous since Sardinia is located near Africa. This culinary delight is rich in various types of seafood including shrimp, scallops and mussels that have a subtle flavor without strong aromatic seasonings.

Pancetta Goat Mushrooms and Scalogno

The best thing about their pizza dough is that its wood-fired crust is crispy but the interior remains unburned and fluffy, a difficult feat for many pizzerias to achieve. Though it remains underseasoned, the pungent-smelling goat cheese and bacon are of some help. And, the goat cheese is a bit overwhelming. This food cooks so well that it can be eaten even without dressings.

Funghi Scamorza and Tartuffe

When the table is set, this dish is one of the most discussed among your dining companions. This is not just a pinch of truffles, but a portion of fresh, shaved truffles. It carries a slightly earthy flavor dominated by cheese.

Involtine from Melanzane all’Ortolana

It’s one of those basic culinary delights with a beautiful presentation in disguise. It has balanced and light flavors. It has ricotta-stuffed eggplants that go well with spicy artichoke and marinated hot peppers. While the use of exotic ingredients works in this context, it is the eggplant that may catch your interest. The ricotta is made so pleasantly rich yet subtle that the dish becomes entirely interesting.

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