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Five inexpensive ways to make a dresser glamorous!

The dressing table is often a sober and forgotten space within a home. This modest room is usually small and is very close to the main traffic flow of the houses and with so many visitors coming through your door on a weekly basis, it is important to give this space the attention it deserves when it comes to design.

It may not feel as important as the master bathroom or guest bathroom, but think again! This small space is often one of the most used rooms in a home. With that said, because it’s not the master bathroom, it’s important to create a room upgrade budget that allows the end result to be glamorous without the price tag of a complete remodel.

As a designer, I’ve found my own way to create a stunning dresser makeover on a budget and broken it down into five main categories. The five areas of my focus are lighting, mirrors, paint, flooring, and accessories. Let’s take a look at each one.

Turning on! Consideration of lighting is one of my favorite areas to focus (full article on lighting next week) in all of my designs. Very often overlooked and rarely given the same attention as cabinets and tiles, this thoughtful area can turn any common room into something eye-catching at a relatively low price. If your budget only allows for one upgrade, you would seriously consider adding a unique chandelier, pendant lights, or sconces to your space. Often times, there is no need to upgrade or move the electricity, so a simple change of accessories may be possible. Lighting designed for bathrooms has come a long way and the designs now available are so eye-catching that this fixture can often become the focal point of the room.

Mirrors Like the lamp, the mirror that you add to your bathroom can make a great statement and add to the overall feel that the designer is trying to create. Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all and in their place are a plethora of shapes, sizes, finishes, and themes.

Painting! Paint is inexpensive, provides instant gratification, and with a little creativity, paint can turn a tired old room into a fresh modern space. Being creative by using various colors or experimenting with glitter is one way to achieve glamor. Going dark and moody can make the space dramatic, while going light and white can make it feel larger and more inviting. If you want to go a step further, try using techniques that give the room the appearance that the room has paneling or washed barn wood. The possibility that painting offers is truly endless.

Flat! Like painting, the possibilities are endless. My two favorite floor updates include the use of luxury vinyl flooring or tile throughout the space. The tile is available in every imaginable shape, size, color and pattern. If you want to create a flare, try adding hexagonal tiles, planks, Spanish-inspired products, cement, or patterns. Do you want less commitment? LVF flooring is quick to install, available in many sizes, colors, and patterns, and can be easily changed if your style needs to change over time.

Accessories! Often times when people are dissatisfied with their dresser, they assume that a change to the cabinets and counters is the only solution to updating the look. While in many cases this will help modernize one space in many others, quick fixes like lights, mirrors, and paint can give the homeowner all the impact they need. When more is needed, the accessory is a great place to go for a high-impact, low-budget design! I often use accessories to create a fresh look and change the space. Take the floating shelf, it is available in many sizes and tints, it can be rustic or modern, it is easy to hang and adds style to any bathroom. Rugs, towels, towel racks, flowers, candles, and wall art are great for enhancing the overall look and glam factor of the space.

Dressers can be small and the budget to decorate them can be small too, but with a little creativity, most dressers can be turned into something worth talking about.

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