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How do I prevent my flags football quarterback from making interceptions?

We received a recent question from a fellow youth soccer coach. He coaches senior players at the sixth through eighth grade level and is having trouble with his quarterback flipping the ball through the interception. The question is copied below as we received it and our answer will follow below the question.

I’m the coach of a youth flag football team (ages 11-14) … our quarterback has a great arm, but he always finds a way to throw an interception. Are there exercises or tips that would help / avoid throwing so many interceptions? The basic rules of our league state that the defense can run to our quarterback from 7 yards away, and we play without offensive line.

Our first question would be what kind of violation are you running? All pass violations require multiple options to be successful. That’s the main reason having a passing game at the youth soccer level is so difficult. You should run a scheme with hot reads (i.e. if there is a bombardment, the receiver travels a certain path, such as an incline) and the check receivers as a safety valve in case all the primary receivers are covered.

You need to have established routes as well as timing routes. If the quarterback is throwing too many interceptions and there is no offensive line, then the problem is that the quarterback and the receiver are not on the same page. Video your games and show both players the readings you want them to take based on how the defense is playing them. Maybe your crime is not reading the coverage right. Some deep indoor area covers can be tricky for young players to read correctly.

Check the tape and I’m sure you can identify the problem.

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