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How to write content for email marketing

A lot of people get stuck trying to figure out what kind of content to send to their email subscribers. But, there really is no limit to the way the email can be sent. You can send videos, text, beautiful HTML newsletters, and more.

The types of emails you should send to your email list include all of the following, but this list is not exhaustive.

Welcome emails

You should always send a welcome email to explain to your audience what to expect from being on your email list. Tell them how often they will receive your messages and what kind of messages they will receive.

Thank you emails

Whenever someone signs up or has a great response to an offer, send a thank you to the entire list. It will make those who accepted the offer feel great, and it will make those who didn’t more curious about the offer.

EC courses

An email is a great way to send lessons on how to do something to your audience. You can do a series of emails assigning them tasks on things to do that will ultimately lead to a goal.

Promotional emails

While you don’t want every email you send to be promotional in nature, you do want to promote as this is how you are going to make money. Use the other emails as a way to create a promotional email.


If you have a new blog post, a new video, a new eCourse, something new to offer to your audience, or even some personal announcement to make about your life (when relevant), then you need to send an announcement to your list.


Having a regular weekly or monthly newsletter is an important component to having a profitable email list. There are many different things that you can include in a newsletter, such as other email reminders, blog posts, information briefs, etc. All of these will work great in a newsletter.


If someone asks a question in person, on a training call, on a message board, or in an email, you can sometimes turn it into a message to send to your email list. Giving advice to everyone on your list about something will add a lot of value to list members.


One of the things you should do for your list members is educate them about your niche, which is something that interests them. Explain problems and solutions that might interest them.

Sending a variety of types of emails through your email list, and in different ways, will keep your audience excited to open every email you send to them. Choose some of these types of emails to send to your audience. Test how each one is doing in terms of opens, clicks, and results.

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