I’m lying everyday

Because I have a chronic illness, I am forced to lie every day. When you see people at work or the grocery store or when you see a neighbor across the street, our standard greeting today is usually some form of “how are you?” It is at this point that I am forced to lie, […]

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do you like

Well, it’s that season again. Ripe tomatoes and beer… and maybe a pizza or two… and you have a recipe for the taste. Taste It is a form of arthritis that affects the big toe, other peripheral joints, the tendons, and the kidneys. The first sign of a gout attack is a sharp, needle-like pain […]

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Canada Sailing Cruises

Cruising sun drenched waters with seas the color of blue sky and dolphins leading the way as they frolic in the bow wave. Find the perfect anchorage before the sun sets over the palm fringed beaches and stay on deck with a cocktail as the moon casts its silvery shadow, the waves gently rock contented […]

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The 5 best blockchain projects in the telecommunications sector

TOOTH (TOOTH): DENT is a blockchain-based platform that is working to create a global marketplace that allows everyone to buy and sell mobile data packages. DENT’s mission is to tokenize, liberate and democratize mobile data and bandwidth. The company has developed a marketplace and mobile application that allows buying and selling mobile data packages using […]

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Halogen Vs LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is a great feature in any kitchen, offering functional light to desperate counter space that would otherwise be shaded by wall cabinets above. Not only is it practical, but under cabinet lighting also provides a unique and attractive aesthetic to enhance any kitchen décor. When shopping for under cabinet lighting, it’s important […]