Invest or pay off a debt?

The only financial question everyone wants to know the answer to is: Am I better off investing my money or paying off debt? The answer is not as difficult as one might suppose. However, it can get cloudy, depending on how comfortable you are with debt. The 6% rule To make this analysis as simple […]

Home Kitchen

Cabinet Hardware – What Finishes Are Available?

Many cabinet hardware styles and finishes are available. Each variety is designed to accompany popular styles while maintaining a beautiful appearance over time. Some of the most popular finishes today will be discussed here. Some finishes are more commonly used in cabinet hardware today than others. Satin or brushed nickel is a finish known by […]


Range Rover introduces the new V8 biturbo

The 4×4 world is said to be dominated by Land Rover. With its off-road performance and reputation for reliability, Rover is expected to emphasize the off-road automotive industry. In addition to off-road prowess, fabulous aura, and opulent amenities, Range Rover also features its new twin-turbo V8 diesel engine. Enthusiasts say they like the Range Rover’s […]

Legal Law

Can or should franchisors expand in Cuba with the reboot of the Obama administration?

With all this talk about better relations with Cuba, the Obama Administration has some corporate leaders licking its ribs with possible future opportunities, but before you start salivating, let’s talk reality. The reason I’m saying this is because I was listening to some attorneys in the franchise industry discussing this recently. In fact, some franchise […]


Yorkshire Terriers: small but mighty

Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies, as they are commonly called, are very small dogs that do not seem to realize that they are small. They are very brave, they are always up for an adventure and they are almost always full of energy. It will be difficult to find a small dog that has more guts […]