Is a Yorkshire Terrier the perfect dog for you?

The combination of a few small terrier breeds created the original rodent control engineers for the mines and factories of Yorkshire, England. Yorkshire Terriers are the epitome of yin and yang rolled into one. Their keen hearing, independent nature, and tenacity make them a fearless warrior, protecting their home and family one minute and a […]


Jamaican traditional Christmas cake

Christmas fruit cakes have been baked for centuries with the oldest known recipe dating back to Ancient Rome. Fruitcakes were a way to preserve fruits and nuts, as well as a way to celebrate the harvest and seek good luck in the coming year. Jamaicans’ favorite Christmas cake is dark, fluffy, and heavy, with rum-soaked […]

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Skiing at Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Onsen is a picturesque and traditional Japanese town with only 5,000 permanent residents that is located at the base of Mount Kenashi-yama. It is famous (as its name suggests) for its mineral hot springs. This laid-back town becomes a lively ski and snowboard destination once the snow hits in late November or early December. […]


Classic Car History – 1963-67 Corvette Sting Ray

1963-67 Corvette Sting Ray Specifications Engine: OHV 90 degree V-8, 327 cid, 396 cid, 427 cid Construction: Cast iron block and heads, single cam, push rods Compression ratio: 11: 1 Induction: Rochester fuel injection or one or two four-barrel Carter carbs Maximum power: 250-375 bhp (327 cid) 390-435 (427 cid) Top speed: 152 mph 0-60 […]