Points to note when renting a student apartment in Edinburgh

“Many international students in order to save a part of living expenses, can choose a roommate share together. During the sharing, how to avoid all sorts of contradictions and disputes? Here will come good in a foreign land simply for everyone to look at the student accommodation in Edinburgh share matters needing attention.

Edinburgh student accommodation In contrast, the Chinese are willing to find Chinese people share. Usually in China’s principal home. So-called principal is the Chinese long-term living in the UK, that is, oneself buy a house or to the entire house rent down, belonging to live among them 1, 2, will be another place to go to bed and desk and chair rent and small hall, earn some money to boost their household, almost by the principal tenant rent I can pay off the entire room rates, is equal to his white lived. Once the tenant understand among them mystery, often aren’t in the heart, feel the exploitation. But the owner is out of helpless, if income is considerable, two strangers who is not willing to home. This house is easy to appear the contradiction between the landlord and the tenant, often on the landlord exploitation behavior, often to end.

Points to note when renting a student apartment in Edinburgh

In order to avoid conflict, will be; First, after the gentleman, clarify anything before, distinguish between the landlord and the tenant’s responsibilities and obligations. Such as: telephone, television, washing machine, gas burner, shower, vacuum cleaner and KaiShuiHu must provide all necessary facilities such as landlord, should also provide even greater cooker, electric equipment in normal use circumstances should the landlord is responsible for the damage repair, this is the basic moral living student apartment rental house. Although it is small, it was really a problem with the argument is hurt. Some landlord intentionally in rented apartment no mention of these problems, said general only have these devices in the home, can live in he will tell you: the TV, please buy a put yourself to see in the room, the television is the landlord of the sitting room for private use, rent line telephone fee to split, washing machine is broken also want to split the repairs, TV tax to share and so on. And to tell me: tenants have a right to freedom of use of heating in winter. Most British apartment housing public heating system, various points of gas heating, the landlord to save money, often close the heating switch gear, so should be agreed in advance, otherwise you just opened the landlord will give you shut and other tenants to save money also agreed to close the heating, you had to freeze or drill bed! Then he found himself being late. Best each room has separate heating, changes in temperature can grasp myself, can’t live that only total brake, QuanLou many from China with this cool hot house landlord the antifreeze, jiangnan area they almost don’t open central heating in the winter, some only two hours in the evening, the landlord of the house must not rent.

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Edinburgh student accommodation rent matters needing attention”

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