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Saint Lucia: Enjoy a break in the lap of luxury

Imagine venturing to a tropical island, bathed in wonderful sunshine, covered in lush vegetation, and surrounded by palm-fringed beaches. Santa Lucia is one such paradise and is the perfect place to relax and indulge in luxury in a decadent setting. There are some excellent boutique hotels on the island, such as the Cap Maison hotel, which offers exceptional quality accommodation, seafront locations and wonderful gardens. The endless days give you plenty of opportunities to try out some local water sports, get pampered at one of the hotel’s spas, or sip a cocktail on the comfortable loungers. Some establishments, including the Cap Maison hotel, have excellent restaurants and pride themselves on the typical friendly and welcoming service that characterizes the Caribbean.

Exploring the island of Santa Lucia

This little island is a very exciting place to explore and wherever you go you will be greeted with smiles and laughter from everyone you meet. The staff at the Cap Maison hotel will be happy to help you organize private excursions around the island and advise you on the best places to visit. For such a small island, the diversity of environments is incredible. Venture inland through exotic banana plantations, discover small local fishing villages full of friendly locals, and take in some of the outstanding features of natural beauty, such as the incredible volcanic plugs at Soufriere, known as ‘pythons’. Have you ever driven into a volcano? On this island it is totally possible and once inside you can see the spectacular pools of active sulfur.

For nature lovers, the botanical gardens are definitely worth a visit. With an abundance of tropical greenery and stunning floral colors, this fairytale garden is one of a kind. With such fertile volcanic soils, it’s no wonder the plants, fruits and vegetables grown here thrive and are of supreme quality. Complemented by exquisite seafood dishes, the cuisine of the island is simply delicious. Coconuts are a common feature and are widely used in cooking, but also in the production of soap, margarine and oil. And how about trying the real cocoa before it turns into the sweet candy we’re all so familiar with? Its intoxicating bitterness has an allure like nothing else.

Most of the boutique hotels, such as the Cap Maison hotel, are a stone’s throw from the crystal clear waters and endless white sand beaches that surround the island. The water is perfect for snorkeling and it’s easy to spend a few hours completely engrossed in the colorful treasure trove of fish and coral just below the surface. Perhaps you prefer to explore the coast by catamaran or even private yacht? There’s nothing like relaxing on board a boat, enjoying a cold drink and reveling in the warm breeze that gently blows from the shore.

After a day of sightseeing, return to your hotel’s cool, air-conditioned suite and make use of some of the free facilities on offer, such as gyms, Jacuzzis and beauticians. St. Lucia is an ideal choice for a Caribbean dream vacation with all the expected tropical delights and exotic luxuries on offer in abundance.

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