Soul Discovery by Joan Marie Whelan, Intuition Girl

Joan Marie Whelan, a lady with a special gift, has shared her views and life experiences in her latest book.

I was lucky enough to be able to review the book before it hit the stands. It was truly a book that searched my soul. I gathered a lot inside myself about the importance of focusing on positive energies rather than negative energies as it will ruin your life. The 121 pages were worth reading as the nine chapters inside cover in detail how you can connect with your inner self and discover the gifts you have already received.

Do not judge or criticize yourself or others.

This is one of the golden rules. However, many of us do this on a daily basis.

One of the best gifts you have to give to another in life is the gift of love, joy, and acceptance. When someone yells at you, they really yell at themselves.

Often when someone suffers, they lose their feelings and hurt another. Knowing this fact does not necessarily make it easier; however, if you can understand and be very clear about who you are and what you want to experience, others will have no choice but to treat you that way. “

I find this quote from your book most enduring. It tells you directly the root cause of misery. You inflict torture / pain on yourself when you judge others as it devours you and stains your soul. By passing judgment on others, you are also being judged, and most of the time, very harshly by others in return. Many times it is our mentality that hinders our growth and personal development. We are so caught up in society and it is a way of reasoning that we fail to see that society’s way is not God’s way and how we should live our lives.

This book is definitely worth reading. Visit the author’s site for more information.

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