thanks nintendo

The NES – Nintendo Entertainment System was an innovative system in the 1980s with a fairly large fan base. It was the system that many today can say “that’s the reason I started playing.” It had games that could spark your imagination like no other. Although by today’s standards the graphics may not be super realistic, it didn’t matter. The name of the game was funny, and that’s what many of us understood. Who would have thought that a plumber and a giant dinosaur could be such a great gaming experience?

Jump – stomp, jump – coin, jump – stomp, jump – mushroom, now that was fun! Fortunately, this was just the beginning of many great Mario games that Nintendo released. Super Mario Bros 2, which didn’t have such a huge fan base, was a great game in itself. It just had such a different feel to it and a lot of people you talk to just loved it or weren’t quite sure what happened. I don’t know what they thought about it, but the fact of the matter is that every time Mario jumped into the scene (literally), heads would turn and our parents’ wallets would usually open.

Then there was Super Mario Bros. 3, the pinnacle of the NES. It just couldn’t get much better than that game! It had everything a gamer wanted in a game. Action, adventure, replayability and many nights and early mornings. Between getting the raccoon tail and finding the whistle so you can go to another level, there must be some of the best highlights of that game. That was just revolutionary for a Mario game and made it even better.

For all of us who know what was just said, “here’s to many more years of gaming fun.” I just hope that we can all pass on these wonderful memories and smiles to our own children…and their children for that matter. Don’t let all the “fabulous” sights and sounds of new systems keep you forever from the system that started it all.

Thanks nintendo.

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