Tips for training English bulldog puppies

These days there are more ads offering English bulldog puppies for sale. These are not cheap dogs and they come with a number of factors that are taken into account, including the fact that they are exceptionally stubborn, especially when it comes to training.

When you first bring your new puppy home, you will have a good idea of ​​what to expect. You’ve probably read a bit about the breed before making any decision to welcome one into your home. They are fantastic pets, even though they are stubborn.

Training these dogs requires patience and being ready to get frustrated at times. It is essential that you keep all training sessions as positive as possible. Positive reinforcement will work well for these dogs, so whatever you do, don’t turn around to hit the dog or yell at it during training.

Start training from the moment you bring the puppy home, this usually starts with house training and then within a few weeks you can get started with basic sit-and-stay routines.

When training English bulldog puppies, you will need a few treats, but be sure not to overdo the treats, which will cause the dog to gain unnecessary weight.

Many breeders will recommend clicker training when training English bulldog puppies as it is easier for the animal to understand and easier for you to get your perfect timing.

Unless you have trained a lot of dogs, it is not easy to get the right moment during training. If you tell a dog to sit, say the word as he sits and praise him immediately. Try to hold back the pats and excite the dog when it performs the required task correctly.

Keep training sessions short, ten minutes several times a day will work well. Because English bulldog puppies are stubborn, they quickly lose interest even when armed with treats, so short sessions will give the best results.

Be sure to praise your dog when he does well. English bulldog puppies are just like any other puppy in that they want your praise and approval, but their personalities can make the process take a bit longer than if you were training a border collie, like.

Keep in mind that your puppy wants your approval and work with this to get the results you are looking for.

Do not rush the training sessions, work at the pace of the dogs and keep them involved and interested in the work for a short time and then take a break, let them play and chew like the puppies do before returning to the training session a little later. .

Don’t miss a day of training, reinforcement is essential, especially when it comes to training a dog that is stubborn and has a mind of its own. Stay calm and don’t start a training session if you’re not in the right frame of mind.

If you’ve had a bad day at work and you’re frustrated, then starting a training session is the last thing you want to do, since you’ve won, you have to deal with a puppy who is more interested in his chew toy than work. by hand.

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