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Welcome to a fantasy world of light and color with Subway glass mosaics

Ever since subway tiles made their debut in New York train stations in the early 20th century, they have been a perennial favorite! They have been installed everywhere like inside and outside houses. Creativity has resulted in the most beautiful tile shapes and designs in materials as diverse as glass, natural stone, metal and clay. Glass has that unique transparent and luminous quality that makes tiles playful and hypnotic, to lift the environment to mystical heights.

New construction, renovations, and businesses often use subway glass mosaic tiles.

Polished or polished subway tile designs with rock surfaces or natural marble surfaces? Get them in solid tones too, like ethereal whites, greys, blues and greens. Install a brightly colored accent wall, while the other walls, floor, and ceiling could be muted. Antique Mirror or Mirror Glass subway tiles are truly fascinating and would offer stark contrasts to the other mosaic varieties you might plan.

Variety is necessary, but it all depends on personal preference. It is better for different areas of the house to display different themes rather than repeating the same pattern everywhere. The living room, in particular, should be an area of ​​high excitement where there are entertainment facilities. Glass mosaic tiles create a dynamic effect while avoiding overdoing the colors by restricting strong colors to a single area or wall, perhaps around the fireplace or dining room.

Scan the Many Varieties of Subway Glass Tile

Iridescent glass, solid colors, amazing mosaics, glass and metal mixes, the list never ends. Check out the perennial favorites. Easy to clean, very durable and long lasting, it has a cute and fairy tale appearance and is easy to carry in your pocket. They would perform well in the most humid places as they are non-porous and would not attack mold or mildew. Backsplashes in kitchen and bathroom would be well spruced up with subterranean glass tiles, not only delicate in appearance but also in great performance.

Available in various sizes, it also makes it very convenient if complex installations are needed. The range extends from 3×6 Glass Subway Tile to quite large 4×16 Glass Subway Tile. Would you prefer 2×12, 3×12, or 4×12 glass subway tiles?

Get ready to mix and match colors and patterns, as subway tiles are available in various materials, including porcelain, stone and slate, as well as glass. Combine some of them. Along with the underground ones, other designs and mosaics such as herringbone contrast. Use the online viewer to get the look of floor and wall designs.

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