What are the advantages of using Micro-Switch?

A micro switch is a type of momentary contact switch. It is also called miniature snap action switch and is widely used in automotive, medical and electronic industry. The term “micro” used in its name is the name of the company that started making it. They are available in various switch configurations and actuator styles and are made from various materials such as polyester, phenolic plastic products, etc.


Microswitch actuators usually have a thumbwheel placed over their push button that can be depressed even with a little force applied to it. This activates the switches and returns to their off state when the applied force is removed or is less than the activation force. Internally, they are made up of a rigid strip of metal that is supported by a spring. The metal strip flips over if enough force is applied to the button present on the outside. The metal during its action produces a clicking sound that is similar to the commonly used mouse click sound.


These switches are used in many industrial areas. They are used in many places and items that we use in our daily lives, such as cars, home appliances, industrial equipment, etc. Some common uses are-

  1. They are used in printers to detect paper jams.
  2. They are used in vending machines also as jam detectors and to detect coins when they are inserted into the machine.
  3. They are used as a safety device in elevators.
  4. They are used in microwaves as door interlocks.
  5. They are used to detect the opening and closing position of the valve.
  6. They are used in control circuits of household appliances such as lamps, small motors, solenoids, etc.
  7. They can also be used as limit switches, control switches, or to create timing mechanisms when used with a combination of multiple devices.

eg A motorized cam and switch can create a timer mechanism; rollers, plungers or levers with a micro switch can form a limit switch, etc.


Compared to other switches available on the market, micro switches are extremely reliable. As they are precise in their operation, they can be used repeatedly without any chance of failure. They also provide a variety of switching positions that cannot be achieved with other switches available on the market. For this reason, they are used in many security-related products.

Another great advantage that they provide is in terms of their durability. They are designed to be durable and even a less expensive micro switch can give you over 10 million operating cycles.

Considering their price, they were quite inexpensive compared to other switches of similar purpose. When purchased in bulk, they are the cheapest option with the best quality exchange product available on the market. Therefore, combined with their reliability, durability, and cost effectiveness, they are one of the most popular and crucial devices available in the electronics market.

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