Xbox 360 Halo 3 review

Halo 3 is a shooter video game that has been formulated by Bungie. The game has the experience of a first person shooter and was initially designed to be played on Xbox only. From the name, you can easily understand that it is the third part of the entire Halo game series.

However, this part is the last and the last part of the whole series. It can be said that it is the final sequel to the game. The game had started with the story of Halo: Combat Evolved and continued through Halo 2. Now Halo 3 declares its end. At least it’s the end of the story that started in Halo 1.

Halo 3 was released for public viewing on September 25, 2007, simultaneously in New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, North America, India, and Singapore. In Europe, the game was released the next day, September 26, 2007.

It was also released in Japan, but the exact date cannot be provided. The game had sold four million copies at point of sale and the count would increase if other means of sale were calculated. It is a very popular and sought after game, as can be seen from the first day sales statistics.

The story of Halo 3 centers on an interstellar war. This war is fought between humans and a group of aliens. The action of the game is in the XXVI century and humanity is directed by the United Nations Space Command.

The aliens, against whom humans are in combat, are called the Pact. It’s interesting how the game revolves around the life of that century.

The Halo 3 player is a type of super soldier, the Master Chief. This is a very high ranking in that century and the whole game is shown through his perspective. He is the coming knight in shining armor who strives to save all of humanity from the invasion of the Covenant.

In this quest, the (human) marines help him along with another alien race. Obviously, this race that calls itself the Elites, are the enemies of the Pact. The leader of this race, Arbiter, teams up with the Master Chief to destroy the Covenant.

This new version, Halo 3, is surprising in the sense that it has caused the entire Halo game series to undergo a significant change. The vehicles, the weapons, even the concept used are quite different from the previous ones. It is for this reason that the game has sold more than eight million copies as of January 3, 2008.

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