Vulnerability Management Processes and Systems

Vulnerability Management Processes What are the components of a vulnerability management process? How do these processes and systems work? Here are some examples. Vulnerability management is a never-ending process that starts with discovering vulnerabilities and their types. The first step is to gather data on vulnerabilities, including the type of asset, network baseline, and security […]


HELLSTROM’S HIVE by Frank Herbert

Sci-fi fans who love Frank Herbert’s DUNE series will also enjoy HELLSTROM’S HIVE; the classic story of a dystopian America threatened by a chilling enemy: insects. It is a story of genetic manipulation that is as fascinating today as it was in 1973 when it was first published, and is even more relevant in light […]


Find the best Hyundai auto parts dealers

The cars coming out of the Korean auto manufacturing giant: Hyundai Motors has always been making a splash in the market and that too for all the good reasons. The company is known for its superior quality vehicles that can even be purchased by budget customers due to their affordable prices. These true value vehicles […]


planets and profession

Hindu astrology explains the role of the nine planets in the choice of profession. Each planet affects the basic character of any person and a person chooses his profession according to his inner calling. In addition to other meanings, the Sun is creator, promoter, owner, administrator and doctor. He also rules the government, the brokerage […]