Mastitis: early detection

You have woken up and all of a sudden it looks like you have a red, sore patch on one breast. You’ve heard so many mastitis horror stories that you panic and wonder, do I have mastitis? Your breast pain may be due to a blocked duct, which, if treated quickly, could prevent an outbreak […]


Xbox 360 Halo 3 review

Halo 3 is a shooter video game that has been formulated by Bungie. The game has the experience of a first person shooter and was initially designed to be played on Xbox only. From the name, you can easily understand that it is the third part of the entire Halo game series. However, this part […]

Legal Law

Dating a lawyer: 10 pros and 10 cons

If you like smart, hard-working people, you will love dating lawyers. Obtaining a law degree and having a license to practice is a great achievement, of which only conscientious and intelligent people are capable. Additionally, legal professionals are good communicators, as their jobs require fine-tuned discussion and conversation skills. These specialists must also be trustworthy […]


Making your own Spanish rice is easy

Spanish rice has a unique flavor and touch that makes it stand out as one of the quintessential Mexican side dishes. Nothing tastes better than taking a fork loaded with hot refried beans and putting it in a thick pile of Spanish rice. While you can go ahead and buy boxed sides that adequately reproduce […]