Home computing "Cloud"

The trends lead me to believe that the computing we do at home will soon reside predominantly “in the cloud.” This means that the applications that we use and rely on every day are not on our home computer, but rather in an application on the Internet that your browser accesses. Move to “the cloud” […]


How to read a balance sheet

Reading or analyzing your balance sheet can seem a bit intimidating, as if it is something that stock analysts and bank managers do. I would like to bring it much closer to you and help you become familiar with it so that you can use it as one of your business tools. Preparation of accurate […]

Home Kitchen

Advantages of bathtub refinishing

The advantages of repainting your bathtub are many. The advantages of repainting as a green remodeling alternative to replacement are well known. It’s also the most cost-effective way to deal with worn, dull, or hard-to-clean bathtubs, showers, countertops, ceramic tile, and sinks. Upgrading your bathtubs instead of replacing them makes them look like new at […]

Digital Marketing

How to create your own podcast

But first, what is podcasting? Podcasting is a relatively new type of technology, so here is some background for those who have yet to come across this term. The definition on wikipedia is pretty good: Podcasting makes audio files (most commonly in MP3 format) available online in a way that allows the software to automatically […]


What are the stages of reading development?

What are the stages of reading development? The development of reading can be divided into two main stages: learning to read and reading to learn. Learning to read involves mastering the sound structure of spoken language, understanding the alphabetic principle, decoding words, and acquiring fluency. Once they begin to become fluent, the cognitive demands of […]

Health Fitness

The four-legged woman with two uteri

When Josephine Myrtle Corbin was born in Lincoln County, Tennessee, in 1868 it must have come as a shock to her parents. What was born as their only newborn daughter, Nature, was intended to become twin girls. Instead, the two separated children had merged into a four-legged girl with two pelvises. She was a dipygus, […]

Legal Law

Tips for New Teachers: You’re a Pro, So Dress Right

I have seen many new teachers enter the workforce with an abundance of content knowledge and educational pedagogy. Yet even as these new educators take their professional development seriously, they increasingly overlook an area that continues to lose importance. That area is professional classroom dress. The old adage “dress for success” still applies to the […]