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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Dharamsala – A Perfect Destination for Budding Yoga Trainers

Budding Yoga Trainers A renowned yoga institution in India, Dharamsala is famous for teaching its thousands of students the art of meditating. It also offers intensive classes such as the Ashtanga and Vinyasa that are extremely popular amongst the masses. This is the reason that the numbers of people getting enrolled for this training have […]


Buying a commercial vehicle: pros and cons

Buying a new or used commercial vehicle to better meet the demands of your business? Great, this probably means it’s growing, but if it’s your first time shopping for a commercial vehicle, the process can be a bit intimidating. While similar to buying a regular car, buying a commercial truck requires slightly different considerations. If […]


Bite me: six tips to stop an angry puppy

For puppies, biting is a natural behavior that can disappear when they are four months old. However, this problem is not guaranteed to go away on its own, so it is recommended that biting is discouraged from the beginning. Many owners view this behavior as playful, but the puppy may also be testing what the […]

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Meditation Teacher Certification – An Overview

Meditation Teacher Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Certification is a program that was created to help those interested in learning meditation as a way to deepen their spiritual relationship and experience life’s meaning. It was created by Karen Asiansky (Karenat) Gruneborg and Jack Canfield, and offers guided meditation as a foundation for teaching meditation […]