Overly licking the Border Collie

I’m sure he went to see a friend and as soon as you opened the door a dog came out and started licking your face like crazy. Or maybe you have a dog yourself that has to lick you every time you come home or when you pet him. This is a habit that all […]

Real Estate

Farm Cost Segregation Studies: Accelerated Depreciation to Save Taxes

Farm cost segregation studies are a smart tax measure for farmers and ranchers here in the Sacramento Valley, California’s agricultural hub. And it’s about time: Although cost segregation studies have been available for decades, they have only recently reached the mainstream. Agricultural entrepreneurs in Northern California are realizing the great benefit these studies can bring […]

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Enjoy your city breaks in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is an incredible city and also one of the best and safest family vacation destinations. The city is visited by tourists for various reasons. Some go there to see the historic buildings, others to enjoy the nightlife, and others just to be quiet. Most tourists are drawn to Gibraltar by its unique geographical location, […]

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Melanoma: thoughts from a dermatologist

You’ve already heard the message: melanoma is deadly. You probably also know that it is the fastest growing cancer in the United States and that an American dies every hour from melanoma. Millimeter by millimeter, it is the deadliest cancer. Rather than bore you with statistics on this horrible disease, let me share with you […]


Become a Top Wedding Planner – Select the Right Legal Structure for Your Wedding Planning Business

One of the first things to do when starting your wedding planning business is to determine your legal business structure. The options are sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, and corporation. Below I briefly explain what they consist of along with some of the advantages and disadvantages of each one. You should consult your attorney […]

Home Kitchen

4 great kitchen design layouts

Most people already know that a remodeled kitchen can return 2-3 times the cost of the initial investment when the home is sold. When considering remodeling, decorating, or redesigning your kitchen, there are a variety of things to consider before shelling out thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money. There are many ways to design […]


Car buyers who buy GM, Ford and Chrysler products

Conventional wisdom is not immutable; it can evolve, and it does. In the case of the automotive world, the notion of the infallibility of Japanese automotive manufacturing has finally been discarded … or so is to be expected. Unfortunately, some people will continue to avoid American cars in favor of imports simply on the basis […]