Franchises in the USA

History of franchises in the United States The International Franchise Association (IFA) and the American Franchise Association (AFA) were formed to combat abuse in the industry. IFA developed a code of conduct for licensors and AFA formed a trade group to represent the interests of franchisees. In 1978, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) adopted its […]

Home Kitchen

Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchens have so many design options that they are literally endless. Kitchen design ideas include features like cabinets, tiles, countertops, appliances, hardware, and accessories. Each feature alone has a multitude of design options and the possible combinations are endless. Two identical kitchens with just one different feature can look like very different kitchens when finished. […]


Are Electric Car Sales High For All Car Dealers?

As more and more Americans choose to go green than ever, there seemed to be the same excitement surrounding fully electric vehicles. Impressively, all-electric car sales increased 58% in 2014. Despite this increase in overall sales, the all-electric segment remains incredibly small. Furthermore, while electric vehicle sales increased, green vehicles (diesel and hybrids) as a […]

Digital Marketing

Buy stock photography or download for free

With the advent of social media, came an influx of image sharing. An image from a social networking site is downloaded to your local computer and republished on another social networking site. This practice creates a serious problem for the owner of the original image and the third or fourth generation “right clicker”. I am […]


How SEGA shot himself in the foot with Saturn

If you’re a gamer and have given more than a cursory glance at industry news in recent years, you probably know how Microsoft screwed up the Xbox One launch well and truly. Be it arrogance, arrogance, or just plain stubborn, someone Microsoft really misjudged the marketing of the latest Xbox console, and the effects of […]

Health Fitness

Walking can help digestion

In many countries it has been known for a long time that a walk is one of the greatest aids to digesting food correctly. In our fast-paced lives, we tend to eat and rest afterwards because we’ve been working so hard and we need a break. A better way might be to eat a small […]

Legal Law

BigLaw: a long-time investor in the brand market

The BigLaw brand In our age of competition and connectivity, law firms face an unprecedented challenge from the brand, and BigLaw, the world’s largest and most successful law firms, tend to play long-term. For BigLaw to “win,” you must continue to enhance your business brand to attract and retain your clients and attorneys. The question […]