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Rustic Country Decor: How To Decorate Cottage Style Homes

Rustic country decor and how to decorate cottage style homes are extensions of American country style decor. Additionally, the traditions are borrowed from French, English, and some Swedish country looks. Rustic country decor can be defined as rough, charmingly simple, unpretentious, unfinished, and yet endearing qualities. Rustic course décor includes the use of natural woods, […]

Digital Marketing

The 8 touchstones of marketing

Regardless of your definition of marketing, there is a process associated with marketing your business, products, and services. This process or plan should be framed as one or more goals (I prefer SMART goals), underlined by one or more strategies (a defining policy or action statement). These strategies are then accomplished through the use of […]


Tips for funny Valentine’s cards

Valentine’s Day is a special time of year for elementary school children. In most schools they have a party that consists of handing out Valentine’s cards and then eating candy and playing games or watching a movie. It is a fun time for all children and it is a great way for parents to come […]

Legal Law

Second Passports – Don’t Leave Home Without Two!

Don’t leave home without one? The savvy business traveler these days doesn’t leave home without two or three passports. That was the conclusion of a recent New York Times article titled Carrying a Second Passport? It’s not just for spies covering the benefits of traveling with multiple passports, second citizenships, and naturalization. According to the […]