What qualifies as retrogaming?

Whether or not a game or system qualifies as retrogaming is a difficult thing to quantify and something that different people will often think very differently about. The ‘retro’ in the word ‘retrogaming’ is itself a bit misleading. Retro, by definition, is a style that intentionally evokes memories of an older style that has gone […]


The importance of digital marketing

In today’s economy, cutbacks are easy to justify. With so many businesses in need of cash, finding areas to cut corners seems like the right approach. Statistics show that when companies look to cut costs, marketing and advertising are among the first to receive a smaller budget. This is not always the best plan of […]


BMW initiative to help the environment

The most anticipated because this season, the hybrid-powered BMW i8 is ready for launch! BMW, the market-leading car brand is going green with its new launch of the BMW i8 hybrid vehicle, which is scheduled to hit the roads of India in February. It is one of the most anticipated cars in India with a […]

Digital Marketing

A brief history of video games

Video games were invented not long ago. But the games are much older than you might imagine. The oldest game is “Tennis de dos”. This game was invented by John Higgingbotham in 1958. The video game of that time consisted of a horizontal line on the screen along a perpendicular lie to represent the network. […]


How to choose a mini laptop

If you are ready to run out and buy a mini laptop, then this article is for you. Don’t hand over your hard-earned money without doing your research first! There are several important factors to consider before choosing your new mini. What are you going to use your new laptop for? Are you a student […]

Legal Law

Issues of social exclusion of internally displaced persons: the experience of the 2012 floods in Nigeria

INTRODUCTION: QUICK FACTS ABOUT NIGERIA Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with an estimated population of 160 million people. The system of government practiced in Nigeria is the presidential system with a federal structure. The Head of Government is the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and a bicameral legislative […]