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4 Common Excuses Why People Don’t Exercise

It’s not hard for some people to talk themselves out of exercising. It’s important not to repeat the same mistakes that others make, so knowing some of the excuses people have and how their excuses are flawed will prevent you from making the same mistakes. Here are 4 common excuses for not exercising or participating in a fitness program to lose weight.

Excuse 1: I’m too tired after work or I don’t feel like exercising

There are very few people who work so hard that they are physically unable to exercise after a day’s work. Most people are mentally exhausted from work, but are more than physically capable of exercising. Not feeling like exercising can affect the quality of a workout, but it’s not a good enough reason to stop exercising for a day. The more you train, the more your body will crave for you to move and your attitude towards training will be different. Commit and stick to your fitness plan.

Excuse 2: I don’t have enough space or I don’t like going to the gym

Usually, all a person has to do to have enough space to exercise is to slide a coffee table to the left or right. Space can make it difficult to do a yoga or lunge routine perfectly, but most people have more than enough room to do some aerobics or weight lifting. If you really don’t have enough space, invest some money and go to a gym. People who say they don’t like going to the gym may be justified if they are too busy or unsure, but otherwise it’s just an excuse. People are too preoccupied with themselves to care about you or what you are doing. In reality, if they are paying attention to you, it is because they may want to give you advice or encourage you. Usually any problem a person has with a gym is not a problem with a gym but with the person themselves. Putting your mind in order and going to a gym is not a big deal.

Excuse 3: I feel like I’m starving when I diet

That’s probably because you are to some degree. If you normally eat 2,500 calories without exercise and then cut it down to 1,500 with a good fitness plan, the calorie drop may be too great. I suggest that people start eating healthier foods first and then slowly reduce their calories. Just by changing the types of food you eat and exercising, you should at least feel better and healthier. As the number of calories per month decreases, the weight slowly melts away and is sustainable.

Excuse 4: The weather is not ideal, or the temperature in a basement or garage is not good.

On the days when I can’t get out for a run, I stay in and ride my elliptical or do a video aerobics. In addition, depending on the weather there are different types of exercises for different types of weight. Simply walking in the snow or against the wind is exercise in itself. If you don’t like working out in a garage because it’s too hot or too cold, it’s not ideal, but it’s still not a valid excuse not to do it. Invest in a good fan or window air conditioner for the heat or a heater for the cold. Make the place where you train as comfortable as possible so that you can do it mentally every day.

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