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When we talk about the phone, Android instantly comes to mind, and we know that the Android platform is growing at a dizzying rate all over the world. Various updated phones that come with the Android platform. Over 500K Android apps for over 500 Android devices have flooded the Android market. To make the Android market more popular, Android apps are free for everyone, they can be downloaded from numerous websites. Android users download millions of free apps daily.

Have you ever thought that if you had a chance to develop the Android application of your choice and your interest seems great, I suggest 5 easy sites that will help you create your own Android applications for free in a few minutes?

5 Sites to Create Your Own Android Apps for Free

1. Free Android App Builder

Free Android App Maker is one of the best free utilities to create an Android application. Here you can submit your Android application in the app store in just a few minutes. Android App Maker makes it easy to create your own app. There are some easy steps to do, first you need to choose a template and then add the content (text) of your choice and even images. Finally, you must submit your application for review. Here you have many free layouts / templates to easily customize and edit your chosen Android app.

Once your app is pre-selected and accepted, you can download it from the Play Store. Otherwise it will only be downloaded from the site itself.

two. Android Apps 3

Android 3 Apps is another free utility to create an Android application for the Android devices of your choice. You have three easy steps to make an Android application. First of all, you need to choose an application and then customize its content (text) of your choice and even images. Finally share it. This site provides many kinds of pre-loaded categories like Trivia Game, Photo Gallery App, E-Book App, which allows you to easily create a perfect app according to your requirements. Android 3 apps also provide apps like radio station, band music apps, quotes and pranks, sliding puzzles, choice games, trivia games, truth or dare, true or false, trivia app, video player, web photo portfolio, android website builder, blank Application templates that can be used. Android 3 apps will facilitate Android app development as per requirement.

3. Geyser Applications

Apps Geyser is a free service provider, which helps you convert your application and earn money through it. It has over 118,602,408 apps installed, over 260,193 apps created, and over 3,610,134,404 ads served. By using Apps Geyser you can create an application in easy steps. Click the create button here you have a different option like website (Enter URL), HTML Code Create or Paste HTML) and

YouTube videos, enter keywords or use channel url and many more then distribute. Apps Geyser gives you the ability to create ad-supported apps and earn money from them. It also has a unique feature that makes it different through another service provider sharing features, sharing your apps with all major social networks. HTML 5 support to display pop-up notifications such as the offer of the day or some important announcement for users. So by looking at all the features of Apps Geyser, I can tell that it offers creation, monetization, and management of your Android app.

Four. Application yet

App Yet helps create applications for websites. App Yet helps you convert RSS feeds into an Android application for the Android operating system. Here you have the freedom to list / sell applications created in Market (s) or earn money through advertising. With the app still, you can turn a website or blog into an app and share it with your friend anywhere in the world.

5. Androme

Androme offers you a fabulous platform to create professional applications for you. It can promote all kinds of businesses, it can even be used to discuss a new project. Very few mouse clicks are enough to create applications and make money by adding advertising to those applications. Applications can contain interactive photo galleries, blogs / news, maps, mobile websites, YouTube videos, and much more. You can make money by selling your application to the Play Store using Andromo.

So these 5 websites are very helpful for those trying to do something new and have the creativity or for Android lovers. You need some knowledge of HTML or Java, of what an application of yours can do for your Android.

Hope these things on Sites to Create Your Own Android App for Free will help you create your own Android apps and share them with your friend and everyone and most importantly make money through Android apps. .

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