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How to start losing weight through cycling

If you are one of those who made the decision to start changing your lifestyle to be fit and healthy, you may want to try cycling for exercise. Unlike weight training and running, which typically strain your ankles and other muscles, cycling is a low-impact exercise that burns as many or even twice as many calories as going to the gym. Riding a bike regularly can strengthen your muscles. The stronger your muscles, the better and faster your legs and hips work, allowing your body to burn more calories while cycling.

For optimal results from your cycling, you may want to supplement your exercise with a healthy diet consisting of more vegetables and lean protein. Also, experts advise cyclists to eat a healthy breakfast before the ride and never skip a meal. Depriving the body of food causes the metabolic processes to retain more fat instead of using and burning it. Experts also suggest that during long trips, it is recommended that the cyclist take a short break and have a snack. Not only does this provide energy, but it curbs cravings that result in unhealthy post-trip eating.

You may also find that following a training plan can be helpful to your cycling program to help keep you fit and healthy. An experienced cyclist suggests a bike plan that allows you to ride at different speeds and intensities. For example, he can plan his bike trails from the walk in the park on a designated day and the cross training on another day.

You may also want to start your bike speed at an easy intensity, like riding 8-12 mph. This is almost effortless pedaling with only a slight strain on the legs. You may also experience steady breathing, but not the huffing and puffing normally experienced in strenuous exercise.

Riding a bike at a moderate speed means you are riding 12 to 16 mph. At this rate, there would be more tension in the legs and the breathing would be heavier. Heavy breathing expands the lungs and allows more oxygen into the body, which actually helps burn body fat.

When you feel confident enough, you can go faster at a stronger intensity of 16 to 20 mph, but remember not to stay within this speed while your legs and lungs are working at maximum capacity.

Like any exercise, experienced cyclists advise cyclists not to forget to do warm-up and stretching exercises before hitting the road. These exercises will prevent muscle injuries and condition the body for the ride.

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