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Make an impressive first impression with door hardware

Picture this: You are walking into a beautiful new house. Although you have already noted features such as the color of the house, the layout of the yard, and the size of the porch, you have yet to make physical contact with the house itself. To enter the house, what is the first thing to touch? Obviously, you have to reach the doorknob. Things like doorknobs don’t normally get the focus, but to make that winning first impression, they need to be given a bit of attention.

Although many homeowners overlook their door hardware, doors are the first thing guests come to your home. Although you may have spent thousands of dollars to perfectly furnish the rooms behind these doors, the first impression visitors have is centered on the door hardware. These little details in the home have a bigger impact than most realize. Moving from the front door, doors to rooms like the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen act as a barrier between guests and these beautifully designed rooms. Inside these rooms are other doors. Things like cabinets also require the same attention when it comes to choosing door hardware.

First of all, we focus on the design of the bathroom. The bath house has a multitude of doors, not just one entrance. From cabinets to closets, door hardware comes into play numerous times throughout the bathroom. Making a simple adjustment, like choosing doorknob hardware that enhances your bathroom theme, can add a fun touch to the room without cluttering your space. Decorative elements in smaller rooms should be chosen with caution. The bathroom is not usually known for its size, so the decorative elements must be chosen carefully. By choosing things in the room that already exist, like the door hardware, and upgrading them, you’ve instantly added a decorative detail without cluttering your floor, wall, or counter space.

Another room in which door hardware plays an important role is the kitchen. Kitchen design can almost focus on door hardware given the large number of cabinets in the room. In many kitchens, the cabinets hang directly at eye level. Choosing door knob hardware for your cabinets that coordinates with your theme, but doesn’t overwhelm you, is extremely important. For example, if you have wood floors, cabinets, and countertops paired with sleek silver appliances, you can easily bring these two materials together with the use of door hardware. Instead of opting for traditional wood cabinet pulls…choosing silver hardware for your door knobs incorporates the material of your appliances into your wood cabinets. Without having to undergo major renovations or projects, your kitchen design has become more coordinated and organized.

Installing door hardware is simple. If you’re interested in undertaking a project like replacing door handles with fancy handles, you won’t need to set aside more than a few hours to get the task done. Regardless of whether you are a home improvement expert or not, you can complete the installation with just a few tools. You’ll save time and money on outside labor, and more importantly, you as the homeowner will be making fun and exciting changes to your home.

So take a look at the doors of your house. From the front door to the medicine cabinet door, what’s missing from the door hardware? Could your bathroom design be improved by replacing your current cabinet knobs with more colorful cabinet pulls? Or is your kitchen design crying out for an update with the installation of more elegant and sophisticated knobs? Whatever doors you’re interested in making an impact on, the new door knob hardware will give your doors that amazing first impression that will have your guests talking.

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