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Marketing Tips to Get Started with Audio Interviews

When it comes to audio interviews, in my opinion, the best marketing tips and ways to get started are simply doing an interview for fun. I think just like public speaking, a lot of people are afraid of getting up in front of people and speaking in public. Well, I bet a lot of people have the same fear just talking on the phone. I’m pretty comfortable talking on the phone, so I’d say to anyone who’s scared of doing an audio interview over the phone that your best bet is to do one. Interview with your mother. Interview with your brother.

You’re going to need some equipment. I’d go out and get a digital recorder. You can get one from Radio Shack, or you can go to eBay. You can go to any electronics store. I got mine from Circuit City, and I’ll talk about the type I’m using.

Buy a device that allows you to record digital audio, and then think about if you’re in a business or have a profession where you have someone you look up to who is an expert in their industry, just send them an email and ask them, ” Would you be willing to do an interview? You don’t even have to have an ulterior motive. You can simply say that you are practicing with your new digital recorder and would like to learn a few things from this expert. Just ask them to do an interview.

I think if you can just do one interview, even if it’s for practice, or even if it’s something for money and to be able to do the interview, to be able to record, to be able to get the recording from your digital recorder, to be able to put it on your computer, you can only do a bit of editing. You don’t even have to know how to do the editing and be able to turn it into an audio. I will share some tools, some online services that will help you to do it, that will make it very easy.

So my advice would be to just make one. That’s the best way to start, just by doing a little movement. So anyone who is afraid, just start. Get it going. Do something. Doing nothing is not going to do you any good.

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