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Pop-up kitchen organizers: the answer to your storage needs

Storage is a problem in almost every kitchen. You have to rummage through pantries and cabinets to find the things you’re looking for long before you start cooking, and then you have a mess on your countertops to deal with once you’re done. What bread!

The answer? Pull-out kitchen organizers. These headache savers, also known as sliding kitchen shelves, really make all the difference. Before I installed sliding shelves, I used to spend about ten minutes searching through my pantry and cabinets before finding everything I needed. My countertops were read with unnecessary items, getting in the way while I was cooking. Sure, I could have taken the time at the time to put everything back in order, but I had a hungry family to feed! So inevitably I was taking care of the garbage at the counter, cooking and serving the food; and then looking at not just a stack of plates, but a bunch of things on the counters that had to be put back in some semblance of order. After dinner, I wanted to relax in front of the TV, not keep doing kitchen chores! Once we installed our pull-out shelves, things got better overnight. Instead of having things behind other things and inaccessible without digging, I placed all my kitchen clothes, spices, implements, and ingredients on individual, stackable, slide-out shelves. Now I can pull out individual shelves and if they don’t contain what I’m looking for I just slide them in and pull out the next one. What a difference!

You can find sliding kitchen shelves at hardware stores, retail stores, and any number of online sources. I ordered mine online, and I couldn’t be happy with my purchase! There’s a huge inventory online to choose from, and you can find pull-out pantry shelves, drawer inserts, pull-out spice racks, and more. They offer shelving in birch wood, but I decided to go with chrome. Now when dinner is over, I still have to load the dishes in the dishwasher, but I no longer have to deal with a small mountain of unused scraps and scraps on my kitchen counters. I get help with the dishes (yes, if you don’t cook in my house, you’re expected to help clean up!), and I end up relaxing in my favorite chair in front of the TV much sooner than I used to.

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