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Robots will be able to have sex in five years! I want a “Young Sophia Loren Robot”

David Levy, author of the book “Love and Sex with Robots” has predicted that robots capable of having sex will be on the market within five years. Seriously, I just read this on Yahoo! He also said that 40 years from now, robots will be ready to have real love relationships with humans. Well, I guess I have something to look forward to too!

Conceptually, I love the idea of ​​being in a relationship with a female robot if I can make it to 2048, but implants in women turn me off, how could I handle a robot? I’ve always had real women for girlfriends, they’ve all been pretty with a shapely figure and I honestly never entertained the idea of ​​having a Robot for a lover.

The advantages of having robot mistresses on the market is that many men, especially those who don’t care about implants, can forego real human women and as a result there may be many more real women available who are less demanding as result. Of course, this could be a negative if women are with Robot men! At least you can’t get a Robot pregnant!

I wonder what robot lovers will be like. Will they have perfect faces or figures or will there be obese, anorexic, ugly, bald, etc.? Honestly, if you could get me a 21 year old “Sophia Loren” robot, I would, but I think most celebrities won’t allow their images to be used. That will probably result in a “black market” of unlicensed famous robots and who knows what will go wrong if it short-circuits! Alternatively, there will be a large market for “B and below” grade celebrities to graduate.

The future looks great!

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