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Top 10 rap artists

The beat, the oomph, the glamor, the most important thing of everything that draws you to rap is the beats, and you can create your own rap beats too! You need to get some requirements and also with that, this is your call to find out who the 10 best rappers in the world are. Rated in the top ten on the world’s charts, are the rap artists who are your idols, and who knows maybe your future? If you’re eager to make rap beats and you follow, say, Snoop Dogg or Lil Wayne, then you have to get that rap creation software called DAW (digital audio workstation).

The music and you

If you are interested in starting your music production career, you can take a few simple steps in creating rap beats. The most important ingredient in rap is its rhythm, which is not only catchy, but it has to produce a message when it is heard, and you have to get the right rhythm that has depth and intensity. It consists of something called a loop, and this is something of a beat repeat, where you can adjust the speed and adjust your hi-hat accordingly.

You have to use the right software and doing them requires a lot of patience and understanding to make you stand out from the crowd; where you can really get people to join you. To make rap beats, you don’t need to overdo them, but rather fix them in a lineup that complies with the state of the art mentioned above.

Top ten rap artists

According to the latest charts, the top ten rappers have been included in the top ten rap albums. These hot rappers are obviously your favorites and include:

Lil Wayne- (Dwayne Michael Carter Jr) – known for his best songs of all time- Fireman (the carter II), Ignant sh * t (so far gone), Mrs. Official (the carter III), Lollipop (lil wayne single).

Kanye West – Famous raps include American guy Estelle, louder, etc.

Nas- Nas’s 9 best raps and they are Gave You Power, One Mic, The World is Yours, The Message, NY State of Mind, Ether, Black Girl’s Lost, Blaze at 50 and Purple.

Jay Z- His most famous raps include 99 problems, Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Empire State of Mind, Big Pimpin ‘, Hard Knock Life, Song Cry and Run this town.

Snoop Dogg- Who am I ?, Gin and Juice, Lay Low, Drop it Like It’s Hot, Deep Dover, Snoop Dogg (his eponymous song), From Tha Chuuuch to the Place, Signs and Vato.

Ghostface Killa – Some of his famous raps that everyone must have heard are, All that I Got Is You, Daytona 500, Iron Maiden, Box in Hand and many more.

AZ- Raps from AZ that are well known are The Format, Gimme Yours, Sugar Hill, Rather Unique, Just want to be there, and also The essence Ft. Nas.

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