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Turning your home into a fortress without looking like it using stone and brick

Not long ago, I was in Hawaii and I noticed that some of the houses on the beach seemed to be a bit entrenched by the ocean waves. This makes sense because properties exceed $ 10 million and there are terrible storms from time to time. In the past, on that particular beach there was a hurricane with a big storm surge and a couple of tsunamis. So it makes sense to do a little more to protect your investment if you have a home there. Let’s talk, shall we?

Turns out, it’s also very good for property value, meaning that if you ever choose to sell your home, your home will be worth a lot more, due to the quiet, than say another property without major reinforcements. Some of the barricades were made in such a way that they blended into the landscape; this also made sense, because you really don’t want to live in a fortress in paradise if you don’t have too much. Well, in this case you have to strengthen your humble abode.

Building your home on a more solid foundation and having a terraced stone and brick facade makes for a very nice strategy that is commonly used there. The sand is piled up on or on the first terrace and therefore it seems completely natural, part of the beach, the atmosphere and the exotic surroundings of the island. The second and / or third terrace slightly elevates the house, makes it look more majestic, powerful, commanding, and at the same time, part of the beautiful surroundings. Now for this to happen on your own property, it is worth viewing before spending the money.

If your house is already there, it means that much of the lower story loses its view, which hurts the value of the home, even if the protection gained makes the residence or new buyers feel safe with a high level of comfort: the feeling of security. One question is; What are you trying to do? Are you trying to stay away from the mighty Pacific Ocean, good luck with that, or are you trying to mitigate the occasional high-powered storm so you don’t cause flood damage or avoid years of high beach erosion putting you at risk?

Once you answer those questions, why not take some photos and play around with Photoshop, and then try to visualize what it will look like, then choose the types of brick and stone you want and calculate a budget to make it all happen. Consider all of this and think about it.

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