Used Heavy Duty Trucks For Sale – Tips For Buying A Used Semi Truck

You probably know that semi trailers are vital to the transportation industry. Retailers, manufacturers, and even people living in remote areas rely on them to transport large amounts of merchandise across cities and remote areas alike. Used heavy trucks are for sale everywhere and can be a valuable addition to an expanding business, proving to be an investment that can pay off in surprising ways. Here are some common uses for semi-trailer trucks and an important tip for buying them in every usage situation.

contract delivery

If you’ve seen the new TV show ‘Shipping Wars’, you know there are plenty of opportunities if you sell delivery services. Do you live near farmers who regularly have crops that need to be transported after harvest? A semi-trailer can carry 1,000 to 1,200 bushels of grain. Do you live near a military base where families need to move frequently? A semi-trailer can transport the belongings of several families at once, and it can fit all the big things. Do you know someone who needs to transport some cars from one place to another at a cheaper cost than a commercial driver? A semi will solve that problem.

The semi-trailer side of the used heavy duty truck market is a gold mine of opportunity for someone looking to get into the heavy hauling business. Many people who work for a trucking company buy their own semi truck as soon as they can to increase their profits, and the profits are even better if you are an independent contractor. Tip: When looking for used heavy trucks for sale, check the trailer carefully for structural damage, mold, and rust. Get on the ground and slide under the truck to see its landing gear as well. This is where a lot of damage is missed during an inspection.

Collection and transport services

Do you own a successful landscaping or construction business? Maybe you’ve found a great source of cheap quartz and gravel if you can pick them up, or know a place to get cheap wood for fences and decks. Are there businesses in the vicinity that rent heavy picking or hauling work? A semi-trailer can haul up to 80,000 pounds in most places without needing an overload permit. This type of used heavy duty truck really does give you plenty of cargo space and the opportunity to rent their services or equipment.

Tip: Are you interested in used heavy trucks for regularly hauling planks, dirt, rocks, demolished buildings, or other materials? Ask to see the maintenance record before committing to purchase any used trailer. If the seller tells you it’s “lost” or “you’ll find it later,” refuse to buy it unless you see evidence of regular maintenance. You don’t want to risk the truck breaking down if it’s something you depend on for your daily bread and butter.


During down times, semi trailers, oddly enough, are sometimes used as storage units. If you live in an area where semi-trailer parking is allowed or you can rent cheap space for one, you can also use a semi for storage space. Your semi trailer can store equipment for your off-season landscaping business, from tractors to lawnmowers. If you’re waiting to move into a new home and don’t want to pay extra for a commercial storage unit, use your trailer to store items that don’t require temperature control. You can even preserve your earning capacity during downtime by renting it out as a short-term alternative to a storage locker.

Tip: Used heavy trucks for sale by owner are always in variable condition. Ask if you can take one to a mechanic for inspection before you buy. Check specifically for leaks or cracks in the trailer so items don’t ruin property that may sit there for periods of time.

There is a lot involved in comparing and choosing among all the used heavy duty trucks for sale. There’s a lot of driving to see multiple vehicles, a long checklist of must-haves, not to mention the mechanical tests they have to go through, but after you’ve gone through the buying process, a semi pays for itself over time and making a lot of business needs much easier to meet.

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