What are the good tips for parents?

If you’ve ever read any parenting books, then you’ve probably read that spending quality time with your child is the way to help ensure they grow up healthy and well-adjusted. While this is basically true, there are other problems. Sometimes this quality time will consist of going to the movies or eating out, and that takes little time. There are some parenting tips you can use that will show you how to make both quality and quantity time work for you and the kids.

Spending quality time is often the main focus for single parents and divorcees who only see their children on a limited basis. They will tend to try to make up for not being there all the time by doing fun things like going to Disneyland. However, when asked about more personal matters, like how their child is doing in school, they aren’t completely in the know on that front. Keep in mind that when you feel guilty about not being able to do something for or with your child and then try to make it up to him through some type of compensatory act, it may end up with undesirable results.

When a father tries to overcompensate for his feelings of guilt, he tends to act more like a friend than one. When this happens, it can actually have a detrimental effect on the child’s behavior. Parenting tips point out that this happens because the child is sometimes modeled after the parent who exhibits this behavior, which makes the child feel like a victim.

Because life is so full of worries, activities, and rushes, many parenting resources emphasize the importance of being able to spend quality time with our children. However, this can also stem from a parent’s guilt that they will often push children to the back of their minds. This translates to “yes, I will spend time with my child after I finish this project or assignment” etc., which makes kids more of a “to do” list than anything else.

While it’s okay to take your kids to the movies, out to dinner, or even to Disney World, it’s not a substitute for the proper parenting that’s necessary for healthy child development. Many of the tips for parents point out that while fun activities are good, you should also be there for your child at all times, even during the difficult times they may be going through. Try to make yourself more available to them, even during hectic times.

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