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How Do Maui Fire Lawyers Assess the Value of a Wildfire Claim?

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The devastating wildfires that swept through western Maui, destroying more than 2,200 buildings and killing 99 people, have left the community struggling to rebuild after its destruction. The blazes caused extensive damage to the island’s tourism industry, and businesses reliant on tourists are facing severe financial hardship due to the loss of their income. In addition, the smoke from these fires has caused serious respiratory problems in residents. Many victims are now seeking compensation from insurance companies to cover the costs of rebuilding and restoring their lost property.

Many homeowners and businesses are finding that their insurance company is refusing to cover all of their losses due to the Maui wildfires. This is not uncommon, as insurers often only pay a fraction of what victims are owed. Our teams of Maui fire lawyers can help recover any losses that were not covered by your insurance policy. This includes property damage, evacuation costs, lost income, and more.

In some cases, the insurance company may be denying coverage due to the fact that there are no documents to support your claim. However, our teams can work with forensic experts to create documents that prove your losses. This can include photos, videos, witness testimony, and other evidence. This can help ensure that your claim is taken seriously.

How Do Maui Fire Lawyers Assess the Value of a Wildfire Claim?

Hawaiian Electric is being sued by some of the victims of the Maui fires, claiming that the company was responsible for the fires. The lawsuits allege that the company failed to shut off power in West Maui during a red flag warning from the National Weather Service, and it did not take steps to protect its lines from being downed by high winds associated with Hurricane Lane. The lawsuits also allege that the company knew that West Maui was at a higher risk for wildfires due to a combination of factors, including climate change and overgrowth of flammable non-native vegetation.

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The County of Maui has also filed a civil lawsuit against Hawaiian Electric, claiming that the utility company failed to keep its power grid infrastructure safe. The lawsuit claims that the company failed to provide adequate maintenance and safety upgrades, as well as fail to perform required inspections. The county is seeking compensation for damages to public facilities and resources that were destroyed by the fires.

As wildfires ravage the island of Maui, consuming homes, businesses, and brush, a number of local residents are finding that they have lost everything. Many are seeking compensation from their insurance companies, but others are filing lawsuits against Hawaiian Electric, accusing the utility company of negligence in causing or contributing to the fires. The firm of Singleton Schreiber is coordinating with victims and experts throughout the island to uncover as much information about the cause of the fires as possible.

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