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How to catch a psychic medium cheating

I’m going to start this article with a confession and also a revelation (just so you know where I’m coming from).

I have absolutely no doubt that there are many incredible psychic mediums working today who can give you honest and insightful access to loved ones who have crossed over.


Not only have I had many, many personal experiences that have proven this beyond a shadow of a doubt, I have many close friends who are professional mediums, who can do just that.

That’s the “revelation” if you will.

The confession is THIS:

Some mediums deceive. In fact, I’ve had MUCH more bad readings in my life than good ones. The bad ones are rarely due to cheating, rather… they are due to the fact that the medium is NOT that good!

That being said, many mediums employ various deception techniques to help them appear much more gifted than they are. To ignore this reality would be unfair and unfortunately would not be an accurate representation of the psychic profession as a whole. (although the percentage of dishonest mediums is very, very small)

The short list below is a compendium of my OWN “pitfalls” checklist and things to look for, whether I’m visiting a medium in person or speaking to them on the phone.

Lots of trick questions. (“Have you traveled recently?”)

Lots of VAGUES generalities (I see the letter “D”)

Too many open answers. (a good outlet wants me to say LESS, instead of more. Yes and NO answers are preferable)

Obvious attention to your body language, appearance, or gestures (feels like you’re being “looked down at” and judged)

And insistence on WRONG information. (Many mediums will try to insist that something is true, even when you make it clear that it isn’t!)

Obviously a medium who wants to charge you more money, or incorporate other services that you did not hire… is NOT being honest. (No reputable psychic or medium will try to sell you a candle lighting ceremony, spell or curse removal, and if this comes up…RUN for the hills fast!)

The bottom line is, DO NOT let bad media that manipulates the public scare you from looking for legitimate media that CAN change your life in amazing ways. There are bad “seeds” in every profession, and while I’d love to believe that all psychics are honest, unfortunately, there are some bad apples in ours, too!

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