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South Park – The Girl in the Bottom of Butters

South Park returned for another new episode with Season 13 Episode 9 titled Butters Bottom Girl and the show took on ACORN and made Butters the big man on campus with hilarious results. It starts with all the boys picking on poor Butters Stotch in the schoolyard because he’s never kissed a girl. While hanging from a pole by his underwear, a student runs up and reveals that one of the girls is selling kisses behind a building for $5, Butters realizes this is his big break. After paying his money and receiving his kiss, Butters is now a man in the eyes of his friends and when he goes home, he begins to feel the pressure of masculinity and all the added responsibility. He decides it’s time to get a job.

Realizing that the boys will pay for the kisses, Butters realizes there is money to be made and begins to boost the girl’s business in exchange for a cut of the money. It’s not long before she starts recruiting more girls and soon she’s making a lot of money. Butters is really into the industry and after some research online, he finds out that he is a pimp and his girl is the worker that the girls have no problem with. To further his investigation, he heads to a pimps’ conference to pick up some tips and takes lots of notes as businessmen from all over the country give him advice on how to play the game.

Soon, Butters is making lots of money and has a growing girl group, all the while annoying his friends as he tries to get his girlfriends into the business and is mad that they’re giving out free kisses. At this point, he too has adult prostitutes working for him and believes the thousands of dollars they make a day come from $5 kisses. Butters travels to ACORN for tax advice and home loans. At first they reject him, but then it turns out that the supervisor is a client.

Meanwhile, the South Park police are cracking down on prostitution in one of the funniest sting operations ever. A policeman disguises himself as a prostitute and is so dedicated to her job that there is nothing he won’t do for the job. Even if it means taking on an entire fraternity. When the police close in on Butters, he realizes that paying for kisses doesn’t make him a man and learns the lesson for this seriously funny episode.

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