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Masseter Botox Can Help With Facial Asymmetry

Masseter Botox Can Help

Asymmetry of the jawline is a common issue that can affect men and women alike. The main culprit is an overly pronounced masseter muscle, a muscle that wraps around the cheek and lower jawbone, helping you open and close your mouth while chewing and talking. The problem is that when this muscle becomes enlarged, it can transform a feminine V-shaped face into one that looks more masculine and square-shaped. Fortunately, there is a non-surgical solution that can reduce the size of the masseter muscle and slim the shape of your jawline. The procedure is called Masseter Botox.

Botox Masseter works by temporarily blocking the nerve signals that cause your muscles to contract, causing them to relax and shrink. This can make a huge difference in the shape of your face, transforming an overly square jawline into a more feminine V-shape. The treatment is safe and minimally invasive, and it requires no downtime.

The procedure begins with a consultation to determine the extent of your jaw asymmetry and what your goals are for the treatment. Your provider will also review your medical history to ensure that you are healthy enough to undergo the treatment. They will cleanse your skin and mark the injection sites for the treatment. The provider will then inject Botox into the target area, typically between your cheekbone and jawbone on both sides of your mouth. They may ask you to clench your teeth while they feel for the strength of your jaw muscle, as this will help them determine how many units (or milliliters) of Botox should be injected into each side of the face.

Masseter Botox Can Help With Facial Asymmetry

Afterwards, the provider will massage the injected areas to minimize any bruising or swelling. Then you can return home and resume your normal routine. The results can take a few days to take effect, but they will continue to get better as time passes. To maintain the results, you will need regular treatments about three to six months apart.

There are a number of reasons for an asymmetric jawline or crooked smile, including genetics, sagging jowls, and the natural aging process. But a common factor is an overactive masseter muscle that causes pain and a wide jawline. The good news is that masseter Botox can be an effective treatment for this condition.

The ideal candidates for Masseter Botox are healthy patients who want to slim the size of their lower jawline. The procedure is also a great option for patients who are suffering from jaw pain due to temporomandibular joint disorder, bruxism, or tooth grinding. The most important consideration is determining how much of your jawline you want to shrink, because the results will be visible at all times, even when your mouth is closed.

If you are not the right candidate for Masseter Botox, there are other cosmetic solutions available, including orthognathic surgery and resection of the masseter muscle. However, these are more invasive options and require extensive recovery periods.

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